Johnny Bitter- Town Wagon, NC

Johnny is one of the original TW-list members, and is certainly one of the most energetic. His mint green TW sees daily service in his business (Johnny Burrito). An ex Forest service truck, Johnny rescued this truck. drove it across the US, restored it, and it is a well known site around Charlotte. He recently drove a Powerwagon Bus home from Montana to keep it company.


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Roger King- Town Wagon, GA

Roger has a fleet, with one for his wife, and probably some spares. He also bought my '64 TW. This photo was at Thomson GA, but Roger and family drove this truck from GA to the Fairfield PW meet in Iowa. (You can see it in some of the photo's on the PW page) What a trip!

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Eric Bannerman- Town Wagon, IL?

Eric is a long time list member. His page has lot's of detailed info on various models. (Photo from his site)