We use Kubota equipment to maintain the property. 

2018 Kubota L-2501HST

In 2018 we updated to a new 4wd, Hydraulic drive tractor with LA-525 front end loader, Land Pride Bushog, and BH-77 Kubota detachable backhoe. 

What a game changer! I was very surprised to find I could cut the pasture and property in approximately 1/2 the time. Which does not make sense as it's the same width cutter. Ann had the answer, I cut at a much faster speed as the HST allows me to slow down to turn, then quickly get back to the same speed. 

The loader we expected to be a big help, and I use it extensively. A "tooth bar" has been invaluable in helping me clear the invasive privet on the property. 

Ann wanted me to get the backhoe with it. I was surprisingly resistant, but gave in. What a huge help. I added the Kubota "thumb", and it proved it's worth in the first week as I can pickup and set crossties, telephone poles, logs, etc. And of course it digs well!

Cannot recommend this tractor more strongly. If you are thinking of a compact tractor, The L-2501 is a great pick. It stays just under 25hp on paper and thus avoids complex emissions gear. Yet has close to the same torque at PTO speeds as it's bigger brothers. 

HST was a huge win, as you get a live PTO and easy forward reverse switch needed to trim creek edges. What used to take hours I now do in a few minutes. 

The last thing is the canopy. Again, a game changer. Used to swelter cutting grass in the summer. The canopy makes it much less tiresome. And keeps the rain off in anything but a heavy rain. (Yes, I cut some in the rain, keeps the dust down)

1981 Kubota L-185DT

We bought this little tractor from a working blueberry farm who was doing a tax related upgrade. It has been a workhorse for our place, mostly used to bushhog, but also used for spotting trailers around, etc.


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