Stuart recently decided he was ready to catch a bonefish on his own. While the rest of the family was taking a break, he was out watching from the dock, as we often saw bonefish there in the evening. Sure enough he saw one, grabbed hooks from my tacklebox, tied it on, got a shrimp out of the live well and cast at the fish. Normally they are very spooky and wise to the ways of dock fisherman, but Stuart must have had the touch, as the fish ate his shrimp. Of course, lot's of yelling, running and pointing occurred by both adults and kids as he fought the fish and tried to keep it away from pilings, etc.

My brother made it down to the beach just in time to help him land and release the fish. You can tell they are both excited! As they should be.... it's a nice fish. We should not have been surprised..... this is not Stuart's largest bonefish. The previous trip he caught one over 36". For reference, the world record bonefish in 1976 was 36", so that's a big fish!


This is another large bonefish I caught out of Jeff's boat. Probably Snake Harbor or Tavernier key flat