Japan Radio Corporation JSB-20

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The JSB-20 is a self contained 1-10Mhz portable sideband radio for Marine and Commercial SSB use. 

Lately some have been finding their way onto the used market, and they make handy 40 & 75 meter radios for Amateur use. 

The primary resource for information on these radios can be found here:

The Yahoo group contains file archives with manuals, schematics, mods, accessory and parts database, etc.   JSB-20 Mailing list hosted at Yahoo groups

I've had more fun with this little 10w SSB portable than I can remember. It get's packed when nothing else does, and has served well on 40m, 60m, and 75m.

My JSB's were used by a treasure hunting company on the west coast of Florida in the early 80's. I bought 2 JSB's, antenna's, mobile & base power supplies, xtals, and manuals at the Orlando hamfest for probably too much money. But I've never regretted it, and have purchased another since.

While not super selective, it's very usable. Put it on a dipole, and most could not tell you are low power. The format is just handy, and it get's setup when working outside, etc.


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