Rare times Ralph was right

While it is very rare, it pains me to admit that Ralph W Fowler III AKA "Bucky" AKA N4NEQ was right on the following occasions:

1) When he tried to convince me that the then new Nissan Leaf Electric vehicle deal was essentially a free car and I kept telling him "That's nice but I'm not interested".

2) When he was telling me about DMR radio and I was not interested and he told me this is like the Nissan Leaf. it's only $69, Just get one and you'll enjoy it.

3) When he kept telling me Old South BBQ was very good (it is!)

4) When he kept telling me Bay Breeze seafood in Marietta had good shrimp

5) When we were riding on Ralph's property in Alabama in the Kubota side by side and ended up the road turned into a creek with waterfalls. I was skeptical we would not be able to make it up the hill across the waterfalls, but Ralph was confident we could. We did!