Pinzgauer Reference Literature

1964 Dodge Town Wagon (Front View)Information specific to Pinzgauer's can be hard to find. Here are some resources to consider.
Reference Books (under construction):

The following table lists trade books that I have found useful for history, reference, and photo's. If a particular book interests you, just click on the title, and a detailed description from Booksellers will appear. You can even order the book at a discount online, if you wish!

Title Author Publisher ISBN # Comments
Dodge Pickup Color History        

Factory Manuals (under construction)

There are also factory service and parts manuals I have found to be useful:



Publisher Part Number


man_cat.jpg (38600 bytes) Pinzgauer Parts Catalog


August 1985
Available in reprint. Very useful due to exploded views & part numbers, including some industry standard numbers on electral parts, seals, etc.
man_repair.jpg (29987 bytes) Pinzgauer Repair Manual


907.1.70.334.5 0584 Removal, disassembly, and repair instructions. Not much on diagnostic info, but valuable due to removal procedures, special tools, etc.
man_operating.jpg (31423 bytes) Pinzgauer Operators Manual


907. 0682 More detailed than the owners manual, and with German, French, and English descriptions. Usage and basic maintainence.
man_owners.jpg (22949 bytes) Pinzgauer 710M Owner's Manual


907. Glove box manual, German & French. Only accurate schematic for Swiss Military pinz

Pinzgauer Brochures

I also have scanned in and edited an article from "Automobil Revue" that Peter Farrer kindly provided. It describes the Pinz as used by the Swiss Army. It can be found here:

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