Pinzgauer Navigation & Communications


Pinzgauer GPS Navigation

I use Garmin Marine grade nav units in the Pinz. They are more rugged and waterproof than the typical consumer auto units. They also can use topo maps, etc. 


VIC-1 Military Intercom

OK, the pinz is noisy. Enough that you should really wear hearing protection at highway speeds. And trying to hear someone yelling in the back is about useless. Enter the VIC-1. It's the standard Intercom system for US military vehicles. Mostly seen in tanks and APC's, it is also used in some humvee's, communication trucks, artillery units, and even boats. The cool thing is that it serves as an intercom, as well as interfacing 3 radios. Each user can select Intercom only, All, or any specific radio. The intercom will lower the radio volume automatically when keyed.