• Fall- Typically Last weekend October or 1st weekend November

  • Spring-  Typically 1st weekend May


1 hour drive East of Lexington, Kentucky in Daniel Boone National Forest and Natural Bridge State Park.

Getting There

 37.7576°N, 83.7286°W  Driving Directions (Mapquest Map)

Nearest Town

Slade, KY  XXX miles East of Lexington, KY


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Rugged forest with limestone outcroppings. Water everywhere, with many shallow stream crossings and transits. Lot's of clay/mud trails and mudholes if you want to play, nearly all with bypasses. Offroad access currently allowed due to past use by Oil companies. Challenging but safe 4wd for the Pinz.


The main group usually camps in stump cave, which is large enough to pitch tents and park vehicles. A small lake is also a regular destination, usually for a lunch picnic and swim.

Trail Rides

  • Getting there
  • White's Arch
  • Townsend cave
  • others

Offroad Maps

KY_Treff.gif (111867 bytes) (Click for larger image or to download)

37.7576°N, 83.7286°W


  • You can get to the cave with basic 4wd in most cases. Beyond that you will want standard Pinz gear, or plan on hitching a ride in a Pinz.
  • Non-Pinz should have tow hooks, mud tires, and ideally lockers
  • It is possible to get even a Pinz stuck if you like to play, but bypasses are available for nearly all problem areas. Winch recovery has been rarely an issue, snatch straps at most.
  • While this is not a real rock-crawling area, there are rock ledges which the pinz handles easily and are quite fun. On the White's Arch run you will encounter several. Follow your guide's instructions, and you will not have a problem! If you are not comfortable, then hitch a ride for that trip.
  • All Terrain tires are usually OK with lockers (You can bypass the deep holes which need mud tires)
  • Air up/down capability is advised, but compressors are usually available in the group or in town
  • Lot's of mud, rubber boots are handy if you have to get out!
  • Most Pinz's make the weekend on one tank of fuel. There is no gas in the woods, so it's wise to tankup in Stanton and have a full jerrycan just in case. (Since most have that handy holder anyway!)
  • Trail ride vehicles should have good brakes, smooth idle, etc. Also standard safety equipment (Fire extinguisher, First-Aid kit, etc) is a good idea.
  • Trailrides use Family Radio Service (FRS) to stay in touch. Some of the vehicles also use Amateur radio on 2m FM (145.555). You should have one or the other. (But the FRS's are really handy, and ensure that all can stay in touch!)
  • Cell-phones do work at the base camp in most cases, and in some areas on the trail rides. While not completely reliable, they are sometimes handy.
  • GPS is extremely handy, but not a necessity. The roads in will be marked with Pinz signs and arrows. Good waypoints and routes for the area are available, and do make it easier to confirm you are on the right turnoff until you reach the signs. Email John or Alan if you would like waypoints.
  • Due to the nature of offroad driving, it's probably a good idea to have children wear bike helmets, or something similar on trail rides. We have had at least one case of a rifle rack/grab bar imprint on a child's forehead due to unexpected vehicle sway! Crash helmets are not needed, just something to keep shorter heads away from the roll-bars, grab bars, etc.
  • As always, seatbelts are also a really good idea for any offroad activity!


Stump Cave-  

Most folks camp on site. There are some serious chef's who attend, and it's quite common to have group cooking. It's a dry camp, so bring water! A self-contained camp latrine is located in a private nook under the cliff just a short walk from stump cave. (Bring TP) The cave floor is mostly smooth packed dirt, but a groundcloth for your tent is probably a good idea to protect against occasional rocks. A cot, sleeping pad, etc is a good idea for the same reason!

  • There is also the option of camping on the ridge above Stump Cave, or several other places in the area. It's easy to get privacy if desired!
  • Cabins- Nice cabins are available nearby at the park as well as privately. See Park Accommodations and the Jeep Jamboree site.
  • Natural Bridge State Park also has improved camping with showers, etc. 
  • If you elect not to camp, plan on bringing a flashlight, camp chair, water/drinks, your lunch/dinner, etc. and you'll be fine. Raingear would be a good idea just in case. 


  • Contact John Geesen or Alan Barrow at for more information. Check the Pinzgauer Yahoogroup for late breaking news.
  • A complete camp kitchen with burners and griddle is setup at the basecamp, and is available for the group to use. (Along with most pot's and pans, etc) You are welcome to throw a steak or pot on, which reduces the amount of gear you need to bring.
  • Several folks cook dinners together. If you want to join, check-in with John Geesen, and he will bring enough supplies. (Nominal donation appreciated!) This is handy if you want to stay in a cabin, but spend the day with the group. No one goes hungry! 
  • There are small grocery stores in Slade, and convenience stores in Zacharia which are 30-40 minute drive away from basecamp in case you forgot supplies. 
  • If you can't bring a pinz or 4wd, drive to Slade or the State Park. Check-in with John ahead of time to make arrangements to get to camp. If needed we will arrange a daily pinz shuttle from the cabins to base camp and back. 
  • Closest airport is Lexington if you want to fly and rent a car. As indicated above, it's not a problem at all to leave your car and get shuttled in by Pinz. 

Don't be afraid to fly in or drive your street machine if bringing a 4wd is not practical! There are always empty seats in the Pinz's, and we'll make sure you get in and out as needed.


  • Thursday- A few folks start arriving mid-day. (John Geesen is nearly always there early) No formal activities planned. Lot's of visiting and informal trail rides. 
  • Friday- Afternoon 3 hr trailride departs 1:00 (Probably Townsend cave). Back at camp around 4-5PM. Dinner, campfire, and lot's of visiting.
  • Saturday- Big Breakfast. Depart 10:30 for Trailride with Picnic on arch (Probably White's arch circuit) We are looking into geocache activity, and there are some that may be on/near this circuit that we could incorporate. Back at camp 3-4 PM. Informal group dinner, campfire, and probably fireworks display.
  • Sunday- Breakfast. No formal activities. Most start heading out noon'ish.

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