Pinzgauers make excellent expedition vehicles

lWhether used as a platform for an expedition camper or pulling an offroad trailer the Pinz is ideal for trekking offroad



1973 Pinzgauer 710M




The Pinzgauer is an ideal platform for expedition type camping, and is one of the more popular uses. While many of the "normal" pinz upgrades also help make the vehicle expedition ready, an additional level of preparation will allow the vehicle to be used for long term travel. This site and mailing list is intended to help users and builders of pinz based expedition campers share information, tips, and suppliers. 

Though many older vehicles are in pinztrek use, you can purchase a new pinzgauer from Automotive Technik in the UK.

Pinzgauer Expedition Camping:

 The Pinzgauer is a very flexible platform. Accordingly, there are several approaches you can use to building an expedition type vehicle:

Dedicated camper on standard "M" or "K" chassis

This example can be seen at: Swiss Army Vehicle's site (Link to image used without permission) Nice interior!

 This is the ultimate for long term expeditions!


  • Good compromise comfort with offroad capability
  • Minimal setup time to camp (drive and park)
  • Narrow track width & clearance


  • Day Trips require breaking camp
  • Narrow living area
  • Requires custom top & sides if standing headroom desired
  • Moderately top heavy (Exercise caution on side hills compared to standard pinz and other vehicles)
  • Minimal passenger carrying and utility uses
  • More expensive to build

Here are some other dedicated campers that were posted to the pinz mailing list. I believe these photos are from one of the Euro Treffens. Photographer unknown. (Vince Sweeney?) Click on them to see larger versions.PinzI710Kcamp.jpg (89947 bytes)PinzI712Kcool.jpg (88055 bytes)

Dedicated camper using Ambulance chassis/box

Rick's camper interior

This photo shows a nice 712 Ambulance conversion. More info and photo's can be seen at Rick Teeter's site. (Link to image used without permission)

The Pinz Ambulance configuration is ideal for camper conversion. 


  • Maximum interior comfort
  • Minimal setup time to camp (drive and park)
  • Rectangular interior allows maximum configuration flexibility
  • 712 (6x6) Ambulance models readily available
  • Ambulance (camper) box is easily removable, allows truck to be used without camper
  • Least expensive dedicated approach


  • Day Trips require breaking camp
  • Increased width and height
  • Moderately top heavy (Exercise caution on side hills compared to standard Pinz and other vehicles)
  • Limited to moderate passenger carrying and utility uses

Multi-use vehicle with off-road trailer camper

Offroad camper



  • Significant offroad capability
  • Maximal utility when not camping (passenger/cargo)
  • Can use vehicle without breaking camp
  • Easier recovery (Can detach trailer, extract vehicle, then extract trailer if stuck)


  • Increased setup time at camp
  • Reversing difficulty on trails
  • Poorer insulated roof/sides (Canvas)
  • Minimal living area in off-road trailers

Multi-use vehicle with traditional camping gear



  • Maximum offroad capability
  • Maximum utility when not camping (passenger/cargo)
  • Can use vehicle without breaking camp
  • Least expensive


  • Significant setup time at camp
  • Minimal Creature comforts in camp (relative to above options)
  • Minimal Insulation
  • Variable ground conditions impact usability of site

 Pinztrek Mailing List:

The pinztrek mailing list is an informal forum for owners (and wanna-be's) of pinzgauer campers and similar expedition vehicles. It can be found at:


Peter Farrer 712M Peter's 712m Rick Teeter 712 Amb 
Tony Michael's 712M Tony's pinz Alan Barrow 710M Camping in a cave
John Geesen      

Email me at to be included in this list. Include a link to your photo, or the image itself!

PinzTrek Sources:

Here are some suppliers for vehicular expedition type equipment that I have found to be useful. Expedition gear is much easier to find in Europe than in North America. (besides general RV gear)

(Some of these may be in German. Use babelfish to translate if needed)

Lofty Shelters Rooftop tents  
Vehicle Roof top tents Hannibal Safari Equipment (SA) (DL) (DL)

Offroad camper trailers:

Ultimate Campers (Australia)

Safari Trailers (US)
maryborough trailers (Australia)  

Expedition vehicle manufacturers:

  Bucher Duro
Unicat Motorhomes BC , Canada

Expedition vehicle Dealers:

Swiss Army Vehicle  


Here is a short list of expedition related reference material that I have found to be useful:

Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide (UK)(Tom Sheppard)

Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide (US) (may not be available)

This is the classic reference on vehicle expeditions. Occasionally out of print, it's worth finding a used copy. While some specific product mentions are now out of date, the overall content is timeless and should be referenced prior to any serious expedition. And it's useful even for casual off-road driving!
Desert Expeditions(Tom Sheppard)

Or download here:

Read this one if you can't find Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide as it has some of the content that VDE covers.
The Desert Drivers Manual  
Off Roader Driving (Tom Sheppard) More available than VDE, but just covers offroad driving, not travel.
The Expedition Handbook  
Other useful books available at Amazon
It's worth checking both new & used as the prices shown to the right only show the official Amazon list price.

Other Links:

Here is a short list of other web links that I have found to be useful:

Africaland Links  
Earthroamer's 4x4 camper info Globedrivers expedition links
Turtle Expedition Turtle V construction details
Rob Gray interesting design discussion on offroad campers Four Wheel Camper

Other Expedition Vehicles: