Pinzgauer Treffen

Or PinzgauerTreffen as it's written in German. Treffen is the German word for event or meet... a gathering. 

So a PinzTreffen is a gathering of Pinzgauer fans, usually including offroading, exotic locations, and lot's of fun! The PinzTreffen site is intended to be a non-commercial compilation of all the known PinzTreffens.

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Upcoming Treffens:  Ocala Feb 13-16       Kentucky May (Tentative)

Pinzgauer Treffens Worldwide:

 Please contact to have your entry updated or to be added to this list.


Victoria, Southern Australia

Peter Farrer (Melbourne) 

Peter may not be the official contact, but usually has Oz treffen info on his web site.


International Pinzgauer Treffen 

Contact: No specific contact identified. The 8th annual treffen was hosted by the Grazer Geländewagen Club (GGWC) 

Walter Sprosec appears to be the best contact, and he can be reached at:

The Grazer club maintains calendar of many European offroad events at:

The joint Hafflinger & Pinzgauer International Treffen
(English Translation)

Contact: We don't have a named contact for this Treffen, but the hosting club can be contacted at:



Colorado- Rocky Mountain Pinzgauer

Desert / Arizona- SWPA

Sean Ford


John Geesen / Alan Barrow


Tony Lopresto

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