While the Motorola XPR-4550 has some limitations for amateur usage it also has some capabilities many ham focused radios do not have. 


  • Very well made physically
  • Great audio
  • Integral GPS will work with APRS through DMR
  • Roaming across DMR channel/talkgroups (this is very neat)
  • Can direct access zone change via P1 button. Not as useful as Zone Up and Zone Down
  • This is the radio most of the early ham DMR's was copying. You can see it in the menus, etc. Especially the CS-800 and TYT menus. 
  • Can be remote mounted using a separation kit. I'm seeing these on ebay at ~$100


  • Must use Motorola CPS to program
  • Limited to 1000 contacts
  • Zone order is alphabetical, which can be addressed by using leading characters in the CPS
  • Display showing the Contact name/ID is smaller and a bit fainter than the Channel Name line (this is addressed on the more expensive 5500)