Operating Experience:

When sitting side by side with a full feature base station the VX-1210 is a little underwhelming. No DSP, no big VFO, etc. Even compared to rigs like the FT-857, the VX-1210 just does not have the bells & whistles.

But once you slip it in a pack, and take it for a walk, you realize what the radios is made for. For portable ops in the real world, it's very fun to use, and there are just enough controls to do what you need to do. The speaker mic is ideal for cliping on a backpack strap, and with the built in jack it's easy to add headphones.

Unlike rigs & kit where you have to strap on & jack in, you can simply use the VX-1210 with with an over the shoulder carry strap. It's that light. Going farther? Use a quality daypack.