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Lot's of pinzies and a hummerPinz fording (Photo Vince Sweeney?)

Company History:

Steyr-Daimler-Puch has a long automotive history. The three companies who merged to form SDP each played major roles in automotive development and there are some very familiar names like Dr. Porsche and Dr. Ledwinka. Some of the more interesting aspects can be seen here.

My Pinz Project:
Pinz climbing a levy

Mods to my Pinzgauer:



Pinzgauer Factory Specs:

1973 710M:

Spec highpoints here:


Engine is a SDP designed inline four cylinder. Strong influence from VW, Porsche, and Mercedes. Some high points:

Running Gear:

Running gear details. Insert photo of chassis. Reference haffie chassis


Suspension details

Pinzgauer Mods:



Pinzgauer References:


I have also compiled a list of reference materials that contain information on the Pinzgauer.

Other Useful Web Links:

Here is a short list of other web links that I have found to be useful:


Some Pinz Dealers & Suppliers:

Here is a short list of pinzgauer dealers. This is not an exhaustive list, nor should it be considered an endorsement. I bought mine from Sean at Eurotruck, and can recommend him highly, but you should talk to several and look at their trucks. Many of these dealers are active contributors on the mailing list as well.

Some Pinz Suppliers:

Here is a short list of pinzgauer suppliers. This is not an exhaustive list, nor should it be considered an endorsement. It is great that we are starting to see an aftermarket for Pinz parts & accessories.


Other Pinzgauer Owners:

Here are a few pinz owners who have web pages:

Pinztrek site and mailing list:

The pinztrek site is a resource for building and using pinzgauer based expedition/camping vehicles. It can be found at:

Pinzgauer Mailing List:

The pinz mailing list is probably the best resource available for owners (and wanna-be's). It can be found at::

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