Electrical Modifications


Optima Deep Cycle Batteries &  Solar Converter's Battery Equalizer

optima_m3.jpg (173346 bytes)Optima Deep Cycle batteries provide are an excellent choice for the Pinzgauer. They are far safer due to the sealed construction. The deep cycle allows use of accessories without damage to the battery life. 

The Solar Converters EQ 12/24-20 Battery Equalizer is a very slick device. They are some times referred to as DC/Dc converters or autotransformers. It allows both charge and discharge on the 12-24v volt battery to be equalized matched to that of the 0-12v battery. IE: no 12-24 volt converters required! You can draw from the 12 volt tap as needed, and the device will equalize the batteries at up to a 20 Amp rate until the voltages are the same. Likewise for charging. I use a 12v charger, and the battery voltages track within 12 millivolts.


The only trick with the converters is that they need to be relay switched if the vehicle is used in frequently, as they do draw from the battery when connected. I'll be switching via some small 24v 20A relays found surplus. If you drive weekly, it's not an issue.

Civilian Ignition Conversion

images/pinz/mods/bosch_raincoat_m.jpg (74320 bytes)I finally converted over to civilian plugs and ignition wires, and later to the civilian coil. I still use the factory distributor cap but will convert it once it needs replacing.

The wire conversion was easy, installing the military ends on normal silicon plug wire. I used a set for a V-8 I had on hand, and bough the plug ends at Napa.

My original coil turned out to be low output, so I ended up installing a civilian coil. While the Flamethrower replacement works well, it was not available locally. I used the infamous Bosch "Blue Coil" which is a higher voltage replacement for the German car crowd. It is also 3 ohms, and works great.

I added a boot from a BMW to make the conversion a bit more splashproof, which should help.

One note, if you use resistive wires, you need non-resistor plugs, or vice versa. But resistive wires and plugs lead to poor spark output. Most of the platinum plugs are resistor, so the tried and true W7DC works ideal.

Combo Pintle/Ball Hitch

Photo & Info to come