Anytone AT-D578UV III Pro

 The Anytone D578Pro is probably the most capable amateur focused DMR radio on the market. It has quickly become the dominant mobile for hams and I use them in my main vehicles.

The Anytone D578UV Pro and Plus has an almost ideal mix of commercial robustness and ham focused features and capabilities: 


  • Very well made physically, Great audio
  • Full Tier 2 MotoTRBO compability
  • VHF/UHF capability with dual receive on either DMR or FM
  • VFO or channel mode on each sub-band
  • Integral GPS will work with APRS through DMR AND traditional analog
  • Roaming across DMR channel/talkgroups (this is very neat)
  • GPS based channel/zone roaming
  • Fully programmable soft keys
  • Can operate most functions using only the mic keypad


  • Radio can be daunting to program initially due to the many additional options/capabilities combined with a fairly cryptic CPS
  • Newer functions such as the BT-01 mic require detailed update of 5 different firmwares. Well documented, but must be done
  • Some capabilities cannot be run at the same time such as APRS and GPS roaming

The Anytone BT-01 mic provides a unique capability to the D578 Mobile:

  • Full remote display slightly larger than the radio
  • Menu access to the radio configuration
  • Programmable soft keys to make most used functions a button press
    • short, longer, or > 2 seconds each select a different function
  • Selectable Channel/Volume button
  • Selectable in mic speaker
  • Bluetooth or Cat5 cable connection with built in battery
  • Can control radio on/off