Dentron MLX "Mini" 75m Mobile

This neat little 25w SSB rig never quite made it to the market. It's story is well documented by Bill K5DBZ at the qrp-l archives. Kaitie's Mizuhu radio page also has lot's of info on this radio and related gear.

The short version is Dentron designed this radio around a 9 mhz SSB module. From an RF perspective, it has a very usable receiver and crisp transmit audio. Very low power drain with the LED's and lights turned off.

My MLX-MINI is the 75m version, and was bought at Dayton from the individual trying to make a go at Dentron's remaining stock. I've played with a 20m version, and would love to have one on 20m. Before the days of FT-857's this was a hot setup!

More info on the review page