Carrying Cases & Backpacks

The VX-1210 is quite small, and will easily fit in a daypack. It will need some padding, as the case is not quite as heavy-duty as the military manpacks:

Targus TPM002US Courier Electronics case

This Targus case is perfectly sized for the VX-1210. It's usable as is, no mods required unless you want to use a whip with the cover closed. The case has 5mm closed cell foam to protect the radio in addition to the Cordura exterior.

This case is also ideal to provide a bit of protection inside a daypack or hardshell case.

There are interior pockets which can be used for pens, cables, etc. I sized the YA-61 whip adapter length to fit in the pocket diagonally, as shown to the left.

I am working on a mod to allow the radio to be used with the whip attached and the cover closed. This mod should be able to be done at a luggage or shoe repair shop inexpensively.



This case is widely available at the following stores:

You should be able to find it for $25-37, which makes it an attractive option compared to the Vertex option.