VX-1210 Technology:

The combination of lightweight Li-Ion batteries and frugal RX current drain make make the VX-1210 ideal for portable operations.

The antenna tuner is wide range, and will tune short whips to long wires with ease. The radio has 500 memory slots, which save frequency, mode, power level, selcal, and a display label for easy access. Any memory can be dumped into the vfo and the rig then tunes in .1 or 5 khz steps.

The squelch is better than most on HF, and works very well.

The construction is very rugged, and key areas are gasketed making the rig "splash-proof" if not submersable. There is a balance between mechanical integrity and heavy weight, and the VX-1210 has found a very usable "sweet spot" in this regard. (It is half the weight of many military manpacks).