The German Made SEM-35 is a VHF manpack comparable to the US PRC-77. It is all solid state, and made like a precision German automobile. While a bit heavier than the PRC-77, it has some neat features that it's peers like the PRC-77 and PRC-25 do not have.


  SEM-35 Features and Capabilities

  • Frequency coverage is of interest to US hams as it covers 10m through 6m.
  • It is also capable of running off of 12v, 24v, or internal D-cells in the standard battery pack.
  • The SEM-35 shares "Old Family" accessories, and mine came with a very nice NOS H-33 handset.
  • The whips are also similar to the PRC-77's, but the "foot"/antenna base is different. (Metric thread)
  • Mobile Mounting Kit. My regret was not picking up a mobile mounting kit when I brought back two from Frankfurt, but I was pushing what I could bring back in luggage with the SEM-35's. As it was, it took intercession from the flight Captain to allow them in my baggage even though I put a copy of my ham license and a printout of the radio specifications and a review to show it was a boatanchor.