Compact Tractor Models

Some Specific Models:

The models table has migrated to the yahoo groups database section.

The table/database lists models generally considered to be "compact" tractors. This list is a work in progress, and information and models will be added as we learn more. The links to manufacturer sites do not imply endorsement of their product, nor any indication of their position on the "grey market" issue. The information is simply provided as a courtesy. One area that would be very desirable to add to this table is known interchange items between US and Int'l models. Presumable, the US market manufacturers will not have a problem with this, as it should reduce the level of "Nuisance" calls looking for support for non-US market tractors.

Feel free to add records with new information. If you have updated info on a particular tractor, add a record for it with both the old and new information. Periodically I'll update and remove the duplicate records.

A couple of last minute comments: