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Purchasing and owning a compact tractor can be difficult! Too low in sales volume to be mainstream, yet expensive and hard to find new or used. Low time used tractors sell for 80% of a similar new model, and often more than the tractor was purchased for new! Usually you can find a "real" tractor for the same or less than a compact tractor in similar condition. Nearly all are made in Japan by companies we have never heard of, and due to the expense and scarcity of used compact tractors there is a thriving grey market of tractors similar to US models.

It can be frustrating!

This page and associated mailing list is intended to be a clearing house for information regarding compact tractors, both US and Grey Market. Entirely non-commercial, debates about tractor brands, grey market issues, etc are not welcome. (If you don't know what a "grey market" tractor is, read this first.)

The intent for this site is simply for owners and would be owners of "Compact" tractors to have a forum to discuss issues unique to our particular beasts.

Why a dedicated mailing list?

It is quite simple..... the small volume of mail, sites, and information specific to compact tractors gets lost in the overwhelming supply of "Big" tractor information.Maybe one message in one hundred on the big tractor forums pertains to compacts. Many questions go unanswered, as the compact tractor owners are unwilling to wade through the non-related information.

A focused mailing list and web site will provide a forum for the exchange of information and experiences specific to compact tractors. This approach has worked well with other hobby areas, and should be useful for us as well.

What about the Small Tractor FAQ Site?

The Small Tractor FAQ is a wonderful resource. In no way will this site and mailing list attempt to replace or duplicate the information located there. Ideally, the compact tractor site will just be an entry point to the mailing list.At most, there might be information compiled from mailing list discussion that is "work in progress". As soon as it stabilizes, it would make sense to forward it to the Small Tractor FAQ folks for review and inclusion in their information.

What is a compact tractor?

There is probably some formal definition, but the following attributes are pretty close:

There is certainly overlap with some of the Garden tractors, and older traditional tractors. But usually the compacts will have the following attributes as well:

Some Specific Models:

The models table has been migrated to the yahoo groups database section. Click here to see some initial comments, and then go to the Yahoo database section of the compact tractor list.

Subscribe to the Mailing List:

The mailing list has moved to Yahoo groups. Go to to join the free discussion list. Both web and email usage is supported. All user information is considered confidential, the addresses will never be sold, and unsolicited commercial email (spam) is not tolerated.

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