Shortwave Listener and

Amateur Radio operator W4JO

This is a wonderful hobby that I have enjoyed since I was in elementary school. 

My radio interests include teaching Scouts about amateur radio communication & international friendship,

making contacts with distant stations, having friendly conversations on the air, and operating classic vintage radio equipment.


SWL: Shortwave Listening --

    PrimeTime Shortwave -- Great link to current listing of English language broadcasts on Shortwave from around the world

    SWL QSL Card Collection Link -- When a listener wrote to a station with reception details (program, frequency, date, and time), stations would reply with a QSL (verification) card.  This is a terrific site with pictures of cards from over 220 countries.

    Shortwave Interval Signals -- Those great little tunes played prior to a broadcaster's programming.

 Radio Suisse International's 62m high rotating dipole curtain antenna in Sottens, Switzerland.  There were 2 arrays of 8 dipoles with balanced feedlines and impedance transformers.  Covered 5.9 - 26.5 mhz, with a gain of 18 - 20 dBi.  The transmitter was a ABB that ran at 500 kilowatts.  Alas, the station stopped transmitting on shortwave in October 2004, and the antenna was dismantled in February 2005.



Amateur (Ham) Radio

    What is Ham Radio?  --  Join in the fun!  Ham radio uses technology to bring people together from across the globe.  There are numerous aspects to the hobby for you to enjoy, including providing communications assistance in your community for area events and emergency support.

While you don't need a big antenna array to listen in on the world...

Antennas at W4JO

            This is what my planned antenna installation for W4JO will look like (well, maybe someday...)

Antennas at W4JO

    Steppir 4 element yagi at 55 feet

    204' long 160 m G5RV @ 70 feet

    40 meter W5GI Mystery Antenna  @ 50 feet

    80 meter Double Bazooka inverted-v @ 50 feet

 Shortwave / Ham Radio Gear

    Vintage Gear


            E. F. Johnson


    Solid State Gear

Microphones and Audio Gear

DX Awards



Amateur Radio Station W6BO :  Shack Photo

                                                    Antenna Farm

                                                    Tower projects:    Tower 1 / Tower 2 / Tower 3



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