1963 Dodge Dart GT Convertible

This is a '63 Dart GT convertible. Mine looks much like this photo, but is White with Red interior.

OK.. OK.. Mine also has 120k and 33 years of daily use on it as well. But you get the general idea!

1963 Dodge Dart GT Convertible Factory Image

Like many '63 Darts, mine has the famous "225 ci Slant Six" engine, with an pushbutton automatic transmission. With a single barrel carb, it is no muscle car, but is actually pretty fun to drive. No emissions controls to bog it down, and the car only weighs about 2700 lbs, so it is not sluggard.

This photo is from a Dodge press release introducing the new '63 Dart. The earlier Darts had been "B" body styles, which were much larger cars. The '63 design was based on the compact "A" body style introduced in '60 for the Plymouth Valiant and Dodge Lancer. The '63 Dart line replaced the Lancer as Dodge's compact model.


My car remained in the same family from when it was new until about '93, where it was traded to a contractor for some construction work. I bought it from the contractor about three months later. (So is it a two owner car or three? We do not really count the contractor :-> )

We plan on keeping it indefinitely, as we take the whole family for rides with the top down. Why bother? We like it! I actually sold a '65 Mustang to get the Dart. And I usually get compliments every time I drive the Dart. I guess no one bothered to save the less "cool" cars from the early 60's. Though I would love to have a real muscle car, the Dart fits my budget, and might even be a bit more fun!


The car runs great, and is pretty much my daily driver. I have been slowly restoring it, and here is what I have done to date:

  • Replaced cracked exhaust manifold
  • Replaced muffler/tailpipe
  • Replaced Choke thermostat
  • Replaced all bulbs, fuses, etc
  • Replaced convertible top
  • Replaced well liner
  • Refinished Dash Pad (Soon to be installed)
  • Modern Radial tires
  • Installed modern Radio in spare original style bezel
  • Dual speakers mounted in original single speaker dash location
  • Refinished Air Cleaner (including repro stickers)
  • Repaired one dozen radiator leaks
  • Installed Rear Seatbelts

Things to do soon:

  • Replace/Upgrade Exhaust with 2" flowmaster
  • Upgrade Carb/Intake to 2bbl
  • Upgrade cam (to match 2 bbl carb)
  • Carpet set
  • trunk liner
  • Front end bushings (PST kit)
  • Install KYB shocks
  • Install Front Sway Bar

Other Famous '63 Dart verts:

  • Tom and Ray (The car guys on PBS)
  • Cybil Shepard on "Cybil"
  • The pretty Blue one in a recent Diet Coke TV Ad

1963 Dodge Dart GT

A drawing from the '63 Factory Brochure of the GT vert