Town Wagon and Parts for sale

As I have sold my last TW/TP, some of my carefully hoarded parts stash is now available.

Other than these items, I am pretty much out of the TW/TP parts business. If you need something else I would suggest posting it to the mailing list.This is my "reserve" parts stash. I was hanging on to these hard to find items in case I found a TW/TP I wanted to restore. These are now for sale, as it is very unlikely that I will bite off a restoration project in the near future.  

TW / TP Hard Parts

Hard to locate parts for TW/TP's. Some are large, so you may need to decide if it is worth shipping them. I am in no hurry on most of these, and they are safely stored in my barn loft. So hopefully the nice AZ rust free metal will stay that way. The chrome accessories really should be sold as a set.

Photo Item Price Comments

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'61 TW/TP Driver's Fender  $150 Very clean, no rust

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Pair of TW/TP Step Well $50 Hard to find sheet metal from AZ for a commonly rusted area.
tw_algr1.jpg (58707 bytes) 1960 Grill Make Offer Punched Aluminum Grill, very straight, some small dings on end, probably not visible installed. (click image for larger photo)

Literature for sale

The following books and manuals are also for sale. I have not figured out for sure which ones I want to keep, or what I would sell them for. Email me if you have interest.


Price Publisher Part Number


tw_svc_p.jpg (10948 bytes)Dodge Truck Service Manual
P Series 1960
$45  Mopar 81-370-0030 1960 Model year. L6 (flathead) procedures. Excellent condition.
tw_svc_r.jpg (9950 bytes)Dodge Truck Service Procedure Manual
R Series 1961 (supplement)
$35 Mopar 81-371-0048 Supplement to "P" Series (1960) manual to include 1961 model year changes. Includes /6 engine, etc. Excellent condition.
tw_svc_s.jpg (8797 bytes)Dodge Truck
"S" Series Model 100-600
$40 Mopar 81-370-4350 1963 manual with update to cover '64 model year. Excellent condition.
tw_parts.jpg (9649 bytes)Dodge Truck Parts Catalog 1960
(revised 1/61)
$45 Mopar 81-690-0005 Very useful part numbers and exploded diagrams. Covers 1960 Model year. Good condition. Complete, but a bit more fragile than the manuals above. Handle carefully, and it is fine.
Dodge Pickup Color History $12 Don Bunn & Mike Miller Motorbooks Int'l 0-7603-0170-0 Very Nice pictures
Illustrated Dodge Pickup Buyer's Guide $12 Don Bunn Motorbooks Int'l 0-87938-847-1 Good Background. Simple "value" assesment for different models and years.
Dodge Pickups : History and Restoration Guide, 1918-1971 $12 Don Bunn & Tom Brownell Motorbooks Int'l 0-87938-491-3 Good Background on model year changes.
Dodge Trucks, 1948 Through 1960: Photo Archive $25 PA Letourneau Iconografix 1-882256-37-9 Many B&W photos