The Motorola DMR radios typically have integral GPS capability. This is directly supported by APRS, and is a very useful feature. 

There are multiple steps to enabling this functionality:

  • Attached an active antenna. These are available on ebay and amazon for under $10. Key is to have an SMA male connector. 
  • Register on Brandmeister which will enable you to utilize the 'Self Care' menu
  • In the Brandmeister selfcare menu set the following:
    • GPS to Motorola
    • APRS Interval to 600 seconds
    • APRS Callsign to your callsign
    • APRS Text to something like "Alan's XPR-4550 Mobile" or similar
  • In the Motorola CPS set the following General settings
    • GNS Enabled (This is the GPS)
    • Other settings
  • Also in the Motorola CPS, set the following on Brandmeister channels you wish to allow APRS reports from:
    • XYZ

After the above,you should see:

  • The little sat dish icon turn solid as it picks up a signal
  • The radio may transmit a few times the first time it registers on the network
  • I received some odd messages back from BM as texts when the radio first activated
  • The radio may transmit when you change channels as it appears to register once on the frequency. I sometimes see the dish icon go out, then back on when I change channels. 

From then out you should be able to see your status on Here is mine: