1981 Kubota L-185DT

We bought this little tractor from a working blueberry farm who was doing a tax related upgrade. It has been a workhorse for our place, mostly used to bushhog, but also used for spotting trailers around, etc.



The L series Kubotas are very tough, and utilize a classic tractor cast iron construction: Engine bolts to tranny which bolts to the rear axle assembly.

This makes for a very strong and stable design which is capable of carrying full sized implements. It's 48" track and reasonable turning radius make it ideal for smaller properties and trimming near fences/buildings.

The 2 cylinder diesel is under 20HP, but is more than enough to cut tall grass/weeds faster than you can safely drive. 

The DT (Dual Traction) 4wd option really helps us and is pretty much mandatory if you want to use a loader