1980 Fiat Spider 2000 (Sold)

This photo was not my car, but will do. It looked pretty close, except I have factory style alloy wheels rather than aftermarket.

I bought this car from a friend. His wife had driven it daily for 12-18 months, and he had swapped all the best pieces of a dozen spiders onto it, so it is pretty complete. He had bought it from a guy who did Solo or Autocross and had performed lots of performance mods, most of which are listed below. The Solo guy had also painted it Red, which is certainly sportier than the original Champagne color.

It's a very fun car to drive. It's very tight due to all the suspension mods, and appears to be rust free. The engine runs great, does not burn or leak oil, and the factory Bosch L-Jetronic Fuel Injection makes it start and run like a modern car. (OK, so it's not a Toyota, but it's also not your typical early Fiat.) The 2000 cc twin cam engine is not a high rev'er, unlike it's smaller predecessors, but it pulls very strongly due to the FI and mods. 3000-4000 RPM seem to be the peak area for torque, and you really do not have to go higher. Yellowline is at 5000, and Redline at 6000

Repairs/Updates I need to do:

  • Swap Dash Clock with a nicer one from a junkyard car (Done 5/01)
  • Swapped a fresher battery (Done 7/01)
  • Swap/Install new top (Done 7/01)
  • Install Seat Belts for the kids in the back seat
  • Swap trannie with rebuilt one that came with car. Typical 4th gear pop-out.
  • Fix scratch/gouge on the front drivers fender. Typical teenage son incident, part of the reason my friend sold the car.
  • Install CD player & Speakers

Previous Owner Mods

  • Poly bushings at all suspension points
  • Upgraded front sway bar
  • Performance rear sway bar
  • Upgraded springs? (Need to confirm)
  • KYB Shocks
  • K&N Air Filter
  • Ported Head
  • Header
  • Monza Exhaust
  • Stronger '78 rear axle installed
  • Coromoda Wheels (including spare)
  • xxxR13 Tires
  • Wheels trued on Lathe