DMR has largely been replacing traditional FM for repeater operation in our area. The technology allows 2 qso's to take place using TDMA in the same frequency allocation that used to host one. I'm now very involved in DMR and it's my primary radio ops in my daily driving lately. 

Motorola XPR-4550 UHF DMR Mobile

 This rugged mobile is a fairly recent addition to the fleet. While it has some limitations for amateur usage it also has some capabilities many ham focused radios do not have. 

TYT MD-9600 UHF DMR Mobile


This dual band mobile is a great value for the functionality it offers. Nice hardware, and usable. But has some quirks. 


TYT MD-380 UHF DMR Handheld


This UHF Handheld is one of the best values in ham radio. Can often be found in the $70-80 range new, and I've bought used for under $50. It is well made, quite rugged, with some tweaking is a very capable radio still. 

Out of the box the menu is pretty basic, but there are some improved firmware options that provide much improved capabilities including additional detail on the screen, use of the entire DMR ID database, etc. 


Connect Systems CD-800 UHF DMR Mobile


This mobile is one of my most used DMR radios. I have one in my Suburu daily driver and also one in the shack.