VIC-1 Military Intercom

OK, the pinz is noisy. Enough that you should really wear hearing protection at highway speeds. And trying to hear someone yelling in the back is about useless. Enter the VIC-1. It's the standard Intercom system for US military vehicles. Mostly seen in tanks and APC's, it is also used in some humvee's, communication trucks, artillery units, and even boats. The cool thing is that it serves as an intercom, as well as interfacing 3 radios. Each user can select Intercom only, All, or any specific radio. The intercom will lower the radio volume automatically when keyed.



The system works great, and it has made longer trips easier. You can talk even at highway speeds, and radio's are usable. (You would need 1000 watts to hear the stereo at speed via speakers!)

I have reverse engineered the connections to allow civilian radios to be connected. Stereo is "B", Amateur or GMRS is "A", and Cellular is "C" in my truck.

H-161 Headsets are what we use most, though CVC (tanker) helmets, H-250 handsets, and loudspeakers can all be used.

pinz_icom1.jpg (72466 bytes)  The AM-1780 is the master control. C-2298 control boxes are connected to it for each crew member. This photo shows the AM-1780 and the "commander" control box. It is mounted behind the driver's seat in the pinz.
pinz_icom2.jpg (70555 bytes) Here is another C-2298 mounted behind the passenger's seat. The nylon bag is a first aid kit. It is a "pull and run" type mount that snaps on.
pinz_icom3.jpg (74559 bytes) This shot shows the control boxes in the cargo area. The VIC-1 will handle 6 users, which works out nicely for the pinz. (Driver, Passenger, then 4 in the back)

mvintercom mailing list:

Check out the mvintercom discussion group on yahoo. It is a resource for users of the AM-1780 VIC-1 Combat Vehicle intercom and it's associated components. Though the group is not intended to duplicate coverage of military radios like the VRC/PRC series, topics involving the use of radios with the VIC-1 intercom are encouraged. Discussion about interfacing the VIC-1 to non-military radios like amateur, Broadcast Stereo, and Family Radio Service is also encouraged!The VIC-1 is currently in many types of military vehicles, far beyond it's original use in the US military. Accordingly, owners of international as well as US vehicles are welcome to participate. (Two that come to mind are Pinzgauers and Ferret armored cars)

Participation is not limited to either military or civilian members, and both are encouraged to contribute.

There is lots of useful info already in the databases:VIC-1 components AM-1780 Jacks and their function AM-1780 Switch settings C-2298 Switch settings U-229 pinout Radio Jack pinouts (18 pin) J501/J503 Radio Jack pinouts (4 pin) J508 when used for C-RX radio Radio Jack pinouts (9 pin) J510 B Radio Tips & Hints

Some of the common components which are utilized in the VIC-1 are: AM-1780/VRC, C-2298/VRC, C-10456/VRC, C-2297/VRC, C-2296/VRC, C-2229/VRC, H-250/GR, H-161/GR, CVC-123, DH-123.