We kept and rode horses while the kids were young. Also had some great boarders.

We are now ramping back up for boarders, and the newly opened trails & clearings in the back property should make it a fun place to ride in Cobb County. 


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Our Horses Over the Years
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Our children were active in the Atlanta Pony Club (part of USPC) doing intro level dressage work.

One of our sons went on to compete in college in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. 

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"Patty" our Connemara Pony
Update: Patty moved on to a schooling barn in the Athens, GA area. 

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"Angel" our Welsh Pony
Update: Angel was purchased by a family in North GA for their daughter. 

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"Mellow Yellow" (AKA "Pony") a quarterhorse (and a fine gentleman) who got us started into horses.

Update: Mellow Yellow has gone to live with a girl in Virginia at the farm where he originally came from.