Programming your Moto radio is a bit non-intuitive to get started if you are using a sample or provided codeplug. This is because the Moto CPS saves the radio serial number in the "Archive" (their term for the codeplug). This article will walk you through the steps.  

There are multiple steps to program the MotoTurbo radios using a sample codeplug:

  • Always save the initial codeplug from the radio. This allows you to go back to a known state if you have issues:
    • Device | Read (or use the icon on the action bar, or ctl-R)
    • File | Save As (use a name indicating it was the original codeplug)

So now you've saved the original codeplug. Open your Sample, provided, or edited codeplug (the one you want to put into the radio).

You would think you could just write it to the radio, but the Moto CPS will squawk as the serial number is not the same. So you have to "Clone" the codeplug into the radio. (Yep, seems backwards)

  • With the desired codeplug loaded and active
  • Target radio connected
  • If your radio already has your DMR ID in it, then uncheck the "Clone Radio Identify" in the CPS preferences. This allows the DMR ID in the radio to be preserved in the clone or write action. If you are writing a new ID from the codeplug, you will want this setting checked. 
  • Now clone into the radio: Device | Clone, select the target radio, and tell it to execute
  • It will show a progress bar, then the radio reset. 

The radio is now programmed. But you are not done yet... your codeplug does not have your radio's serial number yet. 

So now you need to read your codeplug back from the radio to get the serial number: 

  • Device | Read (or use the icon on the action bar, or ctl-R)
  • File | Save As (use a name indicating it is your codeplug. I use the convention: radiomodel_callsign_date. Ex:
From here out you can use this codeplug and just write to the radio, no cloning required. I always save letter suffixes to my codeplugs if I'm making minor tweaks, and change the date if I'm making a major change.