VHF / UHF Portable

Like most amateur radio operators, the VHF/UHF portable is one of the heavily used radios in the fleet. The still solid Yaesu VX-7R was my main workhorse, but lately I've been more inclined to carry DMR handhelds like the MD-380.

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Yausu VX-7R Handheld

This is my primary VHF/UHF handheld, and it's a "wonder box". Waterproof, compact, very wide frequency coverage, it is a very handy piece of kit.

In addition to normal 2m/70cm FM usage, it also can interoperate with GMRS/FRS in an emergency.

Although it's lower power, having 6m and 220Mhz capability is a plus. Likewise, I use it as an airband scanner including UHF AM military aircraft. It also receives HF AM, so while camping I can receive shortwave broadcasts.